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The true cost of lighting is power.  We excel at designing the ultimate in energy efficient and bright lighting systems to specifically meet your needs.  Alternatives at times used so much more power they could be provided for FREE and still be more costly.

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Power Quality

How much does it cost you to have a piece of equipment go down for an hour or even a day because of poor power quality?  Don’t risk it, make sure your equipment is protected and you are not wasting money on Power Factor penalties.

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We have the expertise and tools available to dramatically reduce your power and natural gas unit prices in deregulated markets nationwide.

Our Customers

We have helped some of the leading customers in their business maximize their power use. If you want us to help you too, please click here to contact us. 

Our Company

Pure Power Group
Pure Power Group was founded in Dallas Texas and has been helping customers optimize their power use for over a decade.

Steven Hubert – President

Steven is passionate about helping his clients find the best way to maximize their power use. Previously he worked as a Senior McKinsey & Company consultant serving energy and technology clients and prior to that was an Air Force officer managing classified weapon system development and supersonic jet engine logistics

Steven graduated with Distinction from Harvard Business School with an MBA and also has an MPM in regulatory policy from the University of Maryland and a BS in engineering from the US Air Force Academy.

When he isn’t solving customers’ energy challenges he enjoys going to movies with his wife Jeannie and coaching the football team for his two boys.  Click here to contact Steven.




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